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Re: The Way of Aiki

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....... Not everyone training shares the same preferences or expectations of success. I think we can respect those differences as long as we honestly assess the scope of those differences. I have no doubt there are many people practicing aikido who honestly could care less about aiki. I think there are many people who could care less about kata. I think their are many people who could care less about ranking. I think the thread is more about sharing our preference and exploring the scope that preference establishes.
It is my feeling that Aikido today is structurally (not content) much like the the koryu are/were...... many many many different approaches and product. Even Aikido dojo within the same organization put out different product. It is something we have to accept and learn to live with. We seem to share a common father with few of the children looking or moving alike.....and the grandchildren are totally different.
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