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Re: Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
If you added up the collective experience of the folks who have been posting about internal stuff here, it would be a truly staggering amount of experience. I'd be pretty sure that collectively, just counting the folks who have weighed in on the Internal skills being different than athletic skills, we might add up to 800 or 1000 years of martial arts experience. These folks are from different arts, they are not from any particular organization, in some cases they don't even like each other and fight all the time... yet on this topic, they are clear. From the newest newbie in internal training to the most experienced these folks are in agreement, which is really saying something as you almost never see this many people all on the same page.
If you were to add up the experience of everyone in the world who doesn't do IP it would add up to a much larger number than 800-1000 years, and we don't know if those people agree or disagree. If you add up the years of training for the non IP community (which is larger then the IP community by far) their years of training are MUCH larger then 800-1000 years of training, and they don't agree, we know this because they don't practice IP at all. If you add up the number of training years of people in the IP community that don't agree with the small group found on Aikiweb, you again get a much larger number of training years. If it's a matter of how many people agree, than this group is way out numbered!

But we all know it's not a matter of numbers. It's not political. It is what it is. And we have yet to find out what it is, at least not yet in this discussion.

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