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Diana Frese
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Re: Why do you perceive "internal" superior to athleticism?

This is a long thread, and I am very interested. But having read just a few of the posts I feel as if I can just drop in a thought then read the rest from time to time during the day, the week, etc.

It may even be a question: You are there with your students, you look at them, you watch them, something comes to mind and you try it to see if it helps....

I only had a small YMCA dojo for a few years. Did I teach IP? I don't know, but I borrowed a few exercises. None of us had had a baby, so instead of that example from Terry Dobson and others, I changed it to "groceries" turning and protecting your center was the point of the exercise as I had understood it to be.

Another example was what I called "sheetrock" similar to the judo exercise of hanging off the gymnasium bars by your belt, I had people lean forward in a relaxed manner balancing against the partner's outstretched hands, I think it was, and then when "nage" moved the uke fell forward enough to require a step to keep balance.

I considered this an example of not using muscle strength to move uke.

I was never the athletic type but I am interested in how to remember if I was doing or teaching IP in my regular YMCA classes where I had one assistant from Shorinji Kenpo and his own assistant as it worked out from Rugby. They loved training with each other and were a good help to the newer students.

At the time, I thought karate was strictly linear, so I asked Larry why he was picking up on so many of the circular things. He said Shorinji Kenpo is Japanese people trying to do Chinese things.

I have another question, does Shorinji refer back to Shaolin?

Please tell me if my post fits this thread or maybe another one. I will read more of your posts in this one either way. Thanks so much.
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