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Re: Ukemi and Dizziness

Well most people do pretty poor ukemi..especially jumping breakfalls. If someone can control their body through ukemi, holding breath is a safe way to go...if your comfortable with it. If you are one of those people who slam hard when smartly thrown during a jumping breakfall you will likely get the breath knocked out of if you land hard when thrown, prob best not to hold breath.

We don't force anyone to do one or the other. Originally I was taught to always exhale when doing ukemi...but was taught the opposite when I went to be uchideshi at a different school (Yoshinkan). Since then I hold my breath through a breakfall and exhale as I come up from it. In 11 years I have never been injured or had the wind knocked out of include taking ukemi from high level aikidoka...who enjoy doing 'robust' techniques... to a wide array of non aikido martial artists (Dan Severn and one of the Gracies).

BTW, I'm not saying to necessarily suck in a lung-full of breath before ukemi.

As I stated in my original comment...I'm not saying one is better than the other, and neither does our organization...its just that we have two theories behind it and they are opposite from each other and was mildly humorous during a sandan shinsa koto shitsumon as the aikidoka was explaining it.

Ahmad, I don't think there is any benefit to holding your breath as far as dizziness is concerned.

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