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Re: Ellis Amdur's "Hidden in Plain Sight" Prepublication Sale

I arrived home late last night after going to see the Yankees play to a package in the mail containing the book.. Though I planned on sleeping, I opened it up and spent an hour reading parts of the book and began it in earnest on my train ride to Manhattan this am. I really liked Ellis' attitude and thoughts in the How to be O'Sensei in 16 easy steps chapter. I know that reading a lot of the internal threads on this site, Ellis' writings has inspired me to look into Bagua with Tom Bisio and Xing Yi Nei Gong work in the future. As Ellis surmises and as O'Sensei said to Terry Dobson, figure it out yourself. Or as Ben Hogan said about the secret of golf, the answer is in the dirt. I know that is what Tiger Woods would say as well.