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Re: Extend From There

I think I couldn't find the box because I was stuck in a barrel.

But as I got drunker on the wine in the barrel, it dawned on me that the conscious mind, emotion and the hands/eyes neurological connection are all tied together. Like the moneky who puts his hand in the gourd to get the apple the hunter left for him. He sees the hunter coming, gets emotional, his center of gravity naturally rises to aid the eyes and brain, he forgets to release the apple and simply pull his hand out of the hole in the gourd. His Ki has curled back into himself (upper torso and brain) and could not extend to be of any tactical use (frfom the soles of the feet, knees and hips).

But if I relax (limbs, mind and torso), keeping my subconscious mind everywhere without overly sticking on any one thing, the lower belly and lower body takes over and Ki is not inhibited.

In this state, it is hard for me to be moved yet I can move with ease. Of course, to do the Tohei trick with 100% success, I still have to place one foot inside the stance of uke (underneath his center of gravity). I think Isaac Newton would say that this simple act causes uke to have to pick himself up in order to pick you up.

Just the meanderings of a wino who got stuck in a barrel for a while.
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