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Re: Ask not, what your dojo can do for you..

Stuart Norton wrote:
Most workout partners don't feel a kind of duty to improve the gym as a whole, to give back what others gave to them. It's merely a mutually beneficial arrangement between 2 members.
Then I'd find another workout partner if you desire to have one that feels a duty to give back to the gym as a whole. Where I train, that is the norm. Someone who doesn't feel that way is as common as someone in aikido who deliberately hurts others in the course of training.

Stuart Norton wrote:
Substitute "personal trainer" or "coach" with "big brother". You tell me the difference.
I don't have to pay a "coach" or "workout partner" and they do feel an obligation to give back to the community. That's why I go to the gym I go to. Otherwise, I'd work out at home as I said previously.

While I may have to pay a "personal trainer", I get personal attention 100% of the time when I do. In contrast, when I pay dues to the dojo, I might get the sensei's attention, or I may not, depending on the dynamic of the school. In either case, I don't get the sensei's personal attention 100% of the time.

The point is there's a relationship between people that varies depending on the needs and attitudes of the people who are involved. I fail to see how there is one correct standard of behavior that dictates what obligations one person "owes" to the dojo besides adhering to the rules of the dojo and paying any applicable fees.

Further, I fail to see how the distinction you're drawing between a dojo and a gym is anything but artificial. Frankly, you seem to hold your dojo in a special "elevated" position in your heart. I do not. For me the dojo is somewhere I go to have fun with friends, just like the gym.


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