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Re: Ichi no ken ?

Michael Wilson wrote: View Post
Hello all. Just joined the forum. I have been training in Aiki-kai for about 30 years with vast periods missing (no teacher in area), last year our area got a resident teacher and opened a club - great!!! I have also trained in a few styles of karate, including Matsamura Sieto Shorin-Ryu - (quiet different from any karate I have done before and different from other Shorin styles I have observed) and some Kobudo (Bo, Jo, Kama, Sai, Eku). Our Aikido club practices Bokken, Jo and sometimes Tanto.

I have been slowly going through some very interesting posts here - mostly in weaponry section. Wow, so much to read and respond to, but a lot of was posted some time ago, so .... ?

I am looking for some info on Ichi, Ni and San no Ken, exercises with the Bokken (actually all of them, I think there are 5 in this series). I tried a search and a visual through weapons but cant seem to find any refs.

Anyone familiar with these exercises?

Hi Michael. You are talking about solo execises with the bokken which are called suburi. There are seven of them, the names merely coming from numbers.

When practicing these with a partner they are called kumitachi exercises.

This comes under Aikiken and you will find the information you are looking for on wikepedia if you type in Aikiken.

Good luck, (but not in the cricket) G.
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