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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Greg Jennings wrote: View Post
Example 1: If "the rules" or culture didn't allow the partners latitude to use appropriate techniques from the curricula. Like if the school teaches eye gouges, but can't practice them. (I know that that's a weird example, but it fits).
This is one of the faults in general Aikido training. Of course unless you have a spectacular Uke who can endure the whole Ukemi process and let you unleash the technique to it's fullest intent. This way the Tori doesn't understand why certain techniques are done in a certain way and towards what point should they progress.

Example 2: If the school's curricula didn't teach appropriate techniques for a situation. The sparring then teaches the students inappropriate skills. Like if the school has no escape techniques from full mount.
This depends also on the student at hand. Not everybody reacts to a situation in the same manner and to the same efficiency. Off course one must learn techniques and moves for certain situations but that doesn't guarantee success.

Example 3: There is sparring, but the resistance isn't progressive. So, the students end up thinking that they can execute techniques that they can't against determined resistance. Or, maybe they end up thinking that they can take shots to the face without their performance being degraded.
Again, one of the faults in general Aikido training, from my experience it depends heavily on the context in which someone conducts their training. Some people can take shots to the head without it bothering their performance, the simple answer is adrenalin. But the whole point in training should be to avoid unnecessary situation where someone could afflict damage and you could have avoided that situation in the first place.

Corollary 3.1: The sparring is only against people of similar size/strength. Like only doing full mount escapes against people your own size. Go try it against someone 50 pounds heavier.
I honestly didn't think this would be an issue. It's a known fact that all combat sport athletes train and spar with heavier members so they could get in better overall condition (technical and physical). especially for competition purposes.
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