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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Stephen Irving wrote: View Post
Joe rogan agrees with you.

Watch "Joe Rogan vs Aikido Guy on Effectiveness of Aikido" on YouTube
Why is Joe Rogan an authority on Aikido? Besides, the guy they found to defend us as an art - "I don't know the founder's name, he's called O'Sensei". Accent on the "O'" as in O'Connor, or O'Neil or other Celtic derived names. And, mention of magically throwing guys without touching them. Our "representative" hasn't trained much, and he is making mistakes I would correct in someone's first class.

Me saying I have used Aikido in combat (true) does not mean I categorically insist all Aikido people are combat ready - apart from the difference in people, we seem to have a very wide variety of teachers and schools with no central authority. We argue amongst ourselves about what Aikido is.

My belief that Aikido is a good martial art does not mean that I am refusing to learn techniques from other arts, or that I am insulting other martial artists. The loudest groups are not real combat either. I am increasingly more disgusted with manipulative fear-based marketing campaigns. Too many schools are trying to act like the candidates in the American presidential race, a winner take all at all costs discussion with no attempt to be truthful.

My own teacher was a Japanese student of O Sensei, and he was quite proficient in sacrifice throws, atemi, kansetsu, he knew how to hurt or kill people with his art, and many items now "controversial" in Aikido or declared not Aikido by some groups. I do open myself up to "questions" with my own students, so did my teacher.
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