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Re: why focus on internal power

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I think, as a matter of fact, I was discussing with a San Soo Choy Li Fut (excuse the spelling) Sifu at the Pub earlier tonight, that people must experience Ki/Qi even if they don't get it because we are all animated and created of it. We both were commiserating on how impossible it is to teach and explain ki, at times, to people who 'don't get it.' In this context I shared a way that I sometimes teach ki 'recognition'. I assist them in seeing, 'where is ki operating identifiably in my life or culture or understanding?'. I often work with young people and young adults and they flinch when you reach out to touch them even when they physically haven't seen you move.I use this as a way to show them they felt movement on an 'invisible' level. Now, I know that this is neural, but it is a stepping point to ki for people who don't know how to identify it. Folks like the sophisticated ( ahhh-hmmm) people on this website look for more or would like to see more evidence of ki, but simple everyday events provide opportunities where we can help peoplestart to make the most basic of ki connections.
I also use the 'ever get the feeling you were being watched and you were? question to help inspire the mind and the person into the 'unknown' aspects of connected energy ( ki musubi).
Anyhow, I'm just a hack, but that works for me and it does help my students perk up their senses.
Maybe they don't totally get it, but the little ground we break makes their instructor feel more hopeful for her practice and for others' at the end of the day. Plus, the students like it.

carry on.
Jen your hack is beautiful. I forgot that Sifu John Woo told us much the same thing we he compared San Soo to Aikido. "The point of practice is to discover and reconnect with the Chi/Ki you already have"... That blends nicely with The "secret is right in front of you can you grasp it?"

Hope this post finds you nabbing a few at Indicators or Stockton Ave.

William Hazen