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Re: why focus on internal power

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It would give a whole "new" understanding of the meaning of Ueshiba's frequent (post-WWII) roarings, upon entering the dojo after an absence, that "This is not MY aikido!"
I suppose O Sensei roaring "This is not my akido" was absolutely unrelated to his previous

"From this conscious attitude, the defense against and repulsion of an attack should be accomplished by means of kokyu, in accordance with this truth. When this is achieved, wisdom, kindness and courage naturally flow from within you and will give form the only and true Yamato damashii, then you will be able to use your entire your body as if it was a sword and can enter into a state of "not being" (Mugano Kyochi). Budo can develop this profound internal spirit, in proportion to your own development from one (level) of satori to another."

Probably there are better translations. You can find the original paragraph in Budo Renshu.