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Mike Sigman
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Re: why focus on internal power

Cady Goldfield wrote: View Post
Aikido is ours, I tell you. OURS! No one outside aikido could ever, ever have a clue, even if they come from the art from which aikido was directly derived. Because aikido is just too complex for your non-Aikidoka selves to ever, ever understand.

Oh, and you're not Japanese, so you couldn't possibly understand "things Japanese." It's just not in your being! So don't go thinking you could ever, ever understand aikido if you're not Japanese. Aikido is a Japanese Thang!

Um, that's a pretty subtle point, Cady. Let me work on it a while.

However, let me use the workshop a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania to make a point somewhat related to the "understanding Aikido" meme. No one who was there at the Pennsylvania workshop is going to be able to understand, exercise, and condition to the point where they will catch up to my ki/qi skills in the very near future... I've got a pretty good head-start. But I can easily see that some of those senior people who were there grokked enough that they could have already begun to apply some of the general principles/strengths into a few Aikido techniques. Since they "understand Aikido" better than me (and in terms of waza, I'm sure they do), then their combination of ki/kokyu skills and their Aikido knowledge conceivably puts them beyond my ability to do the same techniques. I.e., once again the point is that the discussion is not really about Aikido, but about a strength system on which Aikido is based. Who "understands Aikido better" is not really the issue, IMO.