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Re: Saito sensei's method

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My point is that the kihon HE is presenting is also ineffective. He is proposing slight modification on the surface without even touching weak foundations where the principle of unbalancing is not applied correctly.
You invited us to discuss and now redirecting discussion somewhere else
From my experience, it is VERY effective... It allows an instant adaptation to circumstances from one single initial movement.
What PV explains is that ikkyo to yonkyo are evenly distibuted on a downward spiral. When you rotate all techniques fall quite naturally from ikkyo, minimal rotation to yonkyo max rotation. The simplicity of the priciple behind is quite stunning, one entry, one rotation, many possibilities according to circumstances.

The kajo series may be of a great help to undesrtand the logic behind these related movement as explained in "Budo".
I can only but invite you to read them with an open mind, after all it's free knowledge and you can make honey out of it if you feel it is of some value, otherwise, discard it.

As for redirecting you to TAI website, it is only a matter of convenience, of course you will do as you like

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