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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

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They are unwilling to admit and meet with those that do have aiki in thier Aikido because this would not profit them to do so.
Care to give me a list of people in aikido who have aiki?
I don't think you find that it is us are unwillling to meet with them.
How would it not profit us to do so? Do you think there is some sort of competition going on? For what? Do you think I plan on doing this for very long? Has it dawned on you that my end game is to hand it over to...aikido teachers and leave?
I think that the the forum should be renamed to Non-Aikido Non-Traditional Martial Arts because the ISTPQ contingent does not promote traditional martial arts like Tai Chi or Daito Ryu or Aikido.
I guess Jun has abandoned the thread to be specific to NAMT and leave it as a sounding board for gripes. Okay, then

This is yet another example of the illogical, and uninformed arguments we get. I have heard more bitching and bellyaching about aikido from aikido-ka then you will hear from me. I keep trying to talk them INTO the potentials in aikido. I am quite sure if I asked them, dozens of teachers would address it.
Aikido has much that is wrong with the way it is practiced and much that is right with it. In most events I have been involved with, people have had reasoned discussion for both the positive and negative aspects about the way Aikido and aiki-weapons are practiced. Most have some eye opening experiences that are their aikido practice.

I will close with the one issue you and others like you NEVER address; the teachers and students who keep attending.
You can't address it because you cannot assemble an intelligent discourse for engaging and negating thousands of years of combined experience that is being offered from teachers and students offering an almost 100% positive review of this practice.
Instead, I see some people here sum up the attendees, group them and reduce their impact as acolytes, fan boys, brainwashed, and every other ploy to reduce their impact and experienced judgement. Then reduce my efforts as being a con man and snake oil salesman who is "bereting and mocking aikido people" etc..
There is no reasonable discussion, no intelligent recognition of hundreds of teachers and students judgment of the value of this work. Instead we get people who are almost completely uninformed, emoting all over their keyboard.

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