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Re: "Non-Aikido Martial Traditions" Forum

Really great points have already been made -- I'm thinking about action and behavioral change now. The NAMT forum is great for what it is, and what I am looking forward to is real aikido discussion in the general forums slowly changing.

Those of us who are aikidoka and see IS as part of (or the core of) our art need to learn how to talk about it firmly within the context of aikido. Of course non-aikidoka would feel welcome to join in.
Yes, we benefitted from the NAMT forum, and threads on CIMA and Daito Ryu for a while, as we started to understand and synthesize things, but now it is time to graduate and talk about aikido.

We have to learn to talk in a way that doesn't completely alienate others, and other aikidoka should be able to hear from IS people without getting upset -- WITHIN aikido-focused threads.

For decades, if a beginner says "I'm having trouble doing it right," people have said "welcome, be sure to use your center, extend ki," that kind of thing. People may have been unsure of how to interpret that, but they didn't get upset and accuse the seniors of polluting aikido with internal strength terminology.

IS terminology is congruent with aikido terminology to the degree that IS is involved in the nature of aikido. We aren't trying to start new conversations, we just want to go a bit beyond "use your center" or "extend ki." Surely no aikidoka would protest that?