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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:
What the hell are we doing, as female budoka?
Setting as good example as I can.
Balancing training with everything else that is equally (or more) important in my life (which is another way women, esp older women, are often very different from young men (and isn't it telling that some of the very high ranking exemplary American women instructors early on/when fairly young picked up and spent time in Japan?)

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:
What more can we do?
What helps us survive and evolve?
How can instructors cultivate female budoka, objectively?
I'm doing what I can. I take responsibility for my survival and evolution. I would like instructors who are sensitive to some of the issues I bring to the mat (the knee, general aging) but frankly don't feel I need to be "cultivated" on account of being female. Just not have my femaleness count as a negative in anybody's eyes. And have me AS AN INDIVIDUAL taken into account.
Every dojo I"ve been a member of called women up for ukemi and women who train regularly are able to advance as quickly as men who train regularly.

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