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Leefr, very surprised you've been asked to hold back on the attacks if you can show you can breakfall properly (as you're a 1st dan judo I'm confident you can). The only times we do that is when the defender is a obviously outclassed (relative beginner etc.) or dealing with a particular attack with the correct precision is the aim of the exercise - and we're a ki bunch! (add useless hippy dancers etc as required).

Sounds like you just need a different dojo, I'd go along with the suggestions for an aikikai or tomeiki (sp?) dojo for what you're wanting as these will be more likely to give you an "instant hit". If you fancy giving even a high grade aikidoka some problems, just get them to try floor work with you - but be warned, most (all?) aikido senseis cheat.

Hope you stick with it and find a dojo that suits.
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