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In other news... if you're striving for energetic attacks, how about you start giving them ? (as long as they still resemble Aikido attacks by form)
If I stary giving decent attacks people moan. I don't blame them because its not expected in aikido. People with a black belt in aikido might be tolerated if the tried this but not me.

If I try too hard with attacks etc I get told to wait and train for a long time before I can finally "understand". I think this is silly when I can already do judo and other things quite well.

Why not just let me learn through my mistakes. I don't mind getting thrown on the floor a bit, although to be honest nothing that has been done on me would throw me.

What is the problem people have with resistance vs techniques.
You are working on sensitivity training, using stylized attacks to explore "angles of attack", balance, timing ,speed distance.
Exactly, I don't think this works as a training method. Why not build up balance, timing speed and sensitivity through sparring.

What makes you think you can go from a completely cooperative atmosphere in training to the opposite in a fight.
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