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Re: The use of weapons

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I watched the vid again (pair training) and aite crosses the line big time. I wonder what their shikko looks like. All this talk about hip placement...they step decimeters 'over the line'. Why not more tight/narrow, more centered?
This is still irimi, not tenkan or am I mistaken?
The video starts with 5th awase (uchitachi initiates a right yokomenuchi - uketachi blends with a finishing shomenuchi). To attack, uchitachi can't remain on the line as he will get a piece of wood in his face, consequently he goes off the line to the right.
To recive, the uketachi stays on the line while turning into the strike and blends.

and why allow striking with bokken when with shinken this is considered bad? the one is training material for the other. it is like saying: "we do this in practise, but in a fight we do that." No, you will not.
I don't know much about shinken so I defer to you when you say that something is 'bad'. In this context however it is not the intent for one to be a training material for the other.

I am confused as what they are trying to accomplish....
Have a look here . I hope this clarifies things.

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