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Re: Relaxing Aiki vs Yoga.

Yes, Tempu Nakamura is supposedly called the father of Japanese Yoga. Tempukai is where Koichi Tohei and a number of other Japanese aikido teachers trained in the 1950's. Nakamura Sensei was about 10 years older than Ueshiba Sensei. I got the impression from reading some where that they were on good terms.

Tempu Nakamura called what he did Shin Shin Toitsu Do which
means "mind and body coordinated/unified way" and conveys much the same meaning as Yoga which is the Hindi word derived from Sanskrit yoga-s, literally "union, yoking", referring to the union of the mind, body and spirit.

So we practice in the Ki Society,

Shin Shin Toitsu Do
Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido

and there is a great deal of emphasis not surprisingly on correct relaxation.

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