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Re: Recommend good DVDs?

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
I saw John Messores video from demonstration from this link -- looks like you was one of his uke. I was suprised and wasn't very impressed. He did rather weird things.
You attacked him with large, slow prearranged attacks, full of holes, and he used it to play very 'martial' fighter. I feel him 'pretending' , he is not natural at all.
All advanced students of Saotome sensei are like him?
Each one of Saotome Sensei's students is unique. None of us look like Saotome Sensei and this was Sensei's intention. We all had to find our own Aikido.

Messores Sensei's original background was in Karate and then he took up Aikido. He is really Saotome Sensei's earliest student in the US. Anyway, his preferred style of Aikido is very atemi oriented and is a reflection of his karate background. None of the rest of us look like him... none of us look like each other. I can assure you that he can do what he wishes on the mat. Just don't expect it to look like some preconceived idea about what Aikido "should" be.

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