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Nancy Mathews
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visit a podiatrist, a dermatologist, and even a plastic surgeon and see what they all say. you could have a skin level infection -- doesnt have to be athlete's foot. many plastic surgeons will tell you that skin problems occur where the skin is used over and over again -- occupational hazard -- which makes that particular area of the skin more vulnerable to infections

something as simple as a daily or every other day dose of tetracycline, or other appropriate antibiotic known to inhibit bacteria in the dermatitis may clear up the infection so that the skin returns to its suppleness, and heals from callouses. this has been my experience, please talk to some qualified doctors and get a variety of opinions until someone with a phd starts making some sense to you !

alcohol cleans only the outer dermatitis, of course, and you can do the same with hydrogen peroxide with much less risk of pain to any open cuts. dont be afraid of the fizzing its supposed to do that.

good luck
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