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Toughening my toes?

OK, so in the past few months I've noticed a few times that the skin on the bottom of my big toes is getting shredded. I mean leaving streaks of blood and lengths of skin on the tatami when I tenkan. I'm attributing it to the roughness of the mats, but I'm open to other interpretations.

Anyway, I'm looking for ideas on how to toughen up the soles of my toes (as silly as that sounds) so that they don't get quite so shredded during training. This seems to occur every so often, and they toughen up after a couple of weeks, but a month later they're doing it again. When it gets really bad I tape them, but does anyone have any other suggestions? By the way, I'm training 5-6 nights a week so that may be part of it.

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