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Okay - now here's a twist.... I'm a 3 kyu and definately NOT a sensei in my home-dojo. However last year I visited a dojo in another town, but when I got there they had to cancel the practice, since the local sensei was ill. A bunch of very new aikido-students looked very dissapointed, but as they were beginning to leave I offered to teach a class - me being the only one who actually had been graded. They accepted and we had a lot of fun for a couple of hours.

My question (which is actually just for arguments sake) is: Should I be called sensei in that dojo from now on since I did give a lesson that night, or was it only that night that I was a sensei ?

No matter what, I still don't feel a bit like a sensei in my home-dojo

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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