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Re: trying to find info on aiki shrine festival, iwama 2014

Stephen Irving wrote: View Post
Thanks for that. Seems I wont be able to see inside then. I dont expect s guided tour. Just to actually see in there....aftrr sll the old photos and videos ive seen from inside it would have been good to see. Not sure whether to go or not. We only have 11 nights in total so time is precious....
No worries Stephen

Just to be clear, you'd be able to see inside the dojo from outside the dojo even during the ceremony. The screen-doors are removed. But if you want to physically go inside and, for example, have your photo taken in front of the kamidana etc., then Doshu, the mayor and others will be in your way.

As I said, as the day winds down it might be easier. If you do decide to come, if get in touch with me privately beforehand, I can give you some assistance. I'd be interested to hear about aikido back home in Cumbria too.

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