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Re: Aikido in a street situation

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As another side note, have you given any thought to why you feel not as effective at aikido? I'd be very interested to get your perspective on the factors. Perhaps it's a conflict of philosophy?
Mostly because the techniques and movements I've been taught rely on fine motor control and perfectly timed movements.

Boxing, BJJ, and Judo are 'rougher' and more forgiving in their application. Screwing up a bjj technique or judo technique ends with you in the same defensive position you started in. Screwing up a aikido technique frequently gives up your protective position at best, and at worst ends up with you holding hands with a man while he punches you in the face. As such, being good at aikido in a 'street' sense is going to require a lot more work than being good at punching another man in the face while not getting punched. I do not have this skill level because i have not put in the time needed. I went off to work on arts with more "hands on" approach to learning.

Coming back now has nothing to do with trying to learn to defend myself. I think I have that as covered as I would care to be. It's more about challenging myself to learn something and testing my own limits of ability.

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