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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Now THERE was some ai (love) ki (joy) on contact! Seeing the inter generational (in/yo) bond (musubi) happen instantly (katsu hayabi), between my kids and their grandfather formed a bridge in my heart (ame no ukihashi) and I felt that my own departed father and all of our ancestors somehow were enjoying that moment with us, a sense of the high plain of heaven (takamagahara) shining down upon my jaded and world weary sense of life for a moment, a sense of unity, wholeness, and at home (O-moto).
Nice! This is an example of why I was drawn to Aikido. I love the physical practice itself (contrary to the implication of my poor training habit), but it's the "intangibles" I was after; the bigger picture, as it were.
That said, my frame of reference was based largely on sports, wrestling and slap-boxing with friends, along with the stories about family military history I heard from my dad and grandad, which were themselves based on the need to protect family and friends.
...consequently, I think I have a very practical view of "self"-defense which initially caused me to dismiss aspects of Aikido which I later found a practical use for, reinforcing that old idea of beginner mind and emptying the cup, which I see as central to living the "good life," a thing somewhat interpreted from sources like Socrates (philosophy being another reference point which informed/informs my Aikido).
...Holy cow that's a great run-on sentence.

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