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Re: What Is Your Frame Of Reference For Understanding Aikido?

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But is "IP/IT/IS" either? From the way I hear it described, I don't think so.

Where does that leave us?
From A blog about Shirata Rinjaro at;

' Be Not Defeated By The Rain'


"Tandokudosa is a rather generic term meaning "solo body movement exercise." However, for Shirata Sensei the term refers to 13 solo body movement exercises that were developed to "unlock" Aikido. .......

......So, for Shirata sensei his Tandokudosa and Ken Kata are of inestimable importance to the understanding and unlocking of Aikido, they are his effort to "unpack" Aikido as taught to him.

So, Shirata sensei taught the "stuff" to "build the hips," "Develop Kokyu, Ki and Aiki" and also a hermeneutic (His Tandokudosa and his Ken and Jo Kata) to "unpack" the Kokyu, Ki, and Aiki development into taijutsu or buki waza."

Kind of a WinZip for Aikido.


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