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Re: Help! Explaing Diferences in Aikido Styles.

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
Er...terrifying, forceful posts aside...

Iwama is supposed to be the style practiced by The Founder at the end of his life; this is the man who created that school of aikido:

I'm astounded by his power. His son is currently the head of the style, and I find him to be very similar to his father.

Tomiki aikido, as said above, contains competitions; it is very pedagogical - as is Yoshinkan style.

Tomiki style:

Yoshinkan is very martial orientated, and based on the 1930s ethos, when Japan was engaged in war with China; it is taught to the Tokyo riot police:

Aikikai is the mainstream style; it is very diverse, and indeed: the Iwama style is aikikai. I see it as being a middle ground between too martial, and too soft (i.e., obsessed with 'ki').
Some aikikai teachers:

...and the head of the Aikikai:

Hope that helps.
Thank you for your help. The videos helped a lot!
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