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Re: Help! Explaing Diferences in Aikido Styles.

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I'm rather new to aikido (especially when I hear about people doing it for 20-30+ years!) and I am not familar with all the styles. I practice at a Seidokan dojo which was explained to me as being an off-shoot from the ki society. We are told to work on small, gentle, flowing motions.

I've met Aikikai Aikidoaist; I would describe their style as being more active (more entering, larger motions) than ours.

I wanted to know if someone could give me a good explaination of the other (main styles). In particular, I would love one on Iwama ryu because I might be going to an Iwama ryu dojo when I transfer to law school.

Thank you for your time!
Depends on what you prefer? soft or hard?.... plenty to choose from.... Iwama is considered a harder to hard style, encyclopaedic and pedagogic, but solid.....
Shodokan has competition randori shiai are considered heretics and thugs....
Yoshinkan, a hard style....
Yoseikan a comprehensive budo worth looking into....
The rest are soft to middling...... With the exception of some Traditional schools that rend to be a rarity these days.....
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