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Bruce Baker
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Sounds like ...

I was trying to think of an easy way to relate sounds to structure, like particle to subatomic levels, and the simplest of terms came to mind from the old bar gag of musical drinks.

If you have ever had many glasses with various levels of water in them, you can change the tone of each glass by changing the level of liquid in them. Hence, you create a zylaphone out of glasses and liquid.

Apply this simple thought to the layers of the earths structure, as the atomic core is still creating magma, and vibrating and moving the crust of the earth.

The actual structual layers have different vibrations, yet the cause of the movement is the magma underneath.

If this translates to SU, or U, or variations thereof from the change in levels or structual content of the crust, we have simular sounds all around the world that are interpreted in slightly different tones, or sounds by the inhabitants of that area.

A somewhat laymens explanation of sounds of the universe, but no less valid than Darwin's theory. A theory which has been proven again and again, to be quite valid.

There is as much science to the sounds of the Kotodama as there is mysticysm.

Next theorem is to apply these sounds to the vibrations of life and examine the reactions that occur. Since there is not only gravity, magnetic waves, and energy in life to deal with let alone the elemental movements of bodies and weather conditions, it is not easy to always get the same level of results. None the less, there are results from properly using certain sounds, and they are measurable.

Enough for now.

Observe the sounds that increase of decrease.

Look into the use of basic sounds found in the kotodama. It is a very interesting study.

Almost as mind boggling as finding pressure points in Aikido.
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