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Re: signing a contract

We have a contract of does not bind the student to a time period, but does require the student to pay his monthly dues by a certain date each month or pay a nominal late fee. It also spells out the various liability issues involved.

We do have a beginner program which gives them three months of training and a gi at a big discount and saves them a few bucks. They can attend all classes during that time and play with all the other reindeer.

A couple of years ago we had two brothers sign up for the beginner's program and they were great people and great students. They came to us in frustration as both were stuck in two-year contracts with a chain kung-fu school. The contracts were onerous in my opinion and I personally would not have joined that school, but they were young and didn't know any better. They finished up their kung fu contracts, completed the beginners trial period and moved on to a small and traditional kung fu school. They still pop in now and again to renew friendships and while we miss them on the mat, are happy that they found what they were looking for. They both have said they learned more in one month in their new school than they did in two years at the first.

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