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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 16

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5.In the discussion on Yoshin-ryu and the caveat that I don't make an adequate distinction between internal and external - although Toby Threadgill and I are close, I've not felt what he does. Watched it, but haven't felt it. If, as I'm told, the elements of Yoshin-ryu "internal training" come from southern China, then they will, very likely, be that mix of external and internal methods - a compliment of building muscle to function in specialized ways AND training connective tissue and the nervous system.

Ellis Amdur
Prof. Goldsbury, I'd like to add my thanks to the others'. And of course, thanks (again) to Ellis Amdur for sparking and correlating the many points of discussion coming out of Hidden in Plain Sight.

Ellis, what/who is the source for the statement that "If, as I am told, the elements of Yoshin-ryu 'internal training' come from southern China . . . "?

Is that southern Chinese influence set forth in the documents of Yoshin-ryu? Is it an observation by Toby Threadgill, as the headmaster/teacher of a specific line of Yoshin-ryu? Is it a statement made by a practitioner of either Yoshin-ryu or a southern Chinese martial art . . . or by a casual non-practitioner observer? It is a fairly conclusive and authoritative statement to make, given the general ambiguity of Chinese-to-Japanese influences that HIPS seeks to explore.

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