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Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Are you really missing my point or just avoiding it? I think it is you who is trying to connect what you say with what someone else says. I'm trying to either disconnect it or find out how you can justify the connection.

In my previous post I asked you to clarify one way or the other if you are just talking about your own aikido or that of others too regarding this "feeling different on touch".
  • When you start a thread claiming "a new phenomena" is standard to your aikido, I want to 'understand' if that phenomenon is the same one you were arguing about recently.
  • If not, please say so. If so, I also want to ‘understand' how you got enough information on an IHTBF phenomenon without feeling to be able to connect it to your aikido.

It's that simple.

The use of the word "understand" instead of "know" that you introduced earlier hints that you don't claim to have the exact information, in which case I think you should retract the claim that the phenomenon is "standard to" or "regularly stated in" your aikido.


You want to understand how I understand? Well I've already explained, not much else I can say.

I'd be more interested if I didn't understand.

The phenomenon of 'on touch feeling not the normal or indeed expected' applies to wherever and whenever it does. No one owns it. It applies to mine and probably to many other places.

I have experienced many different feelings from various arts and internal 'stuffs' so why wouldn't I be able to understand?

No one or style or art can feel exactly the same.

Some can feel outside the norm.

I understand the feeling of nothing, the feeling of solid when there is no force there, the feeling of heaven when the person hasn't even touched, the feeling of being dropped on by a ten ton weight even though the finger or hand is a few ounces. I understand these things and thus understand when they are talked about. Plus much more. Each one outside the norm.

I understand how each one is dependent on different principles. Also dependent on different intentions and different purposes.

Now with this much understanding I can understand where someones coming from when talking about such matters.

Understanding is a lovely thing. It relates to center actually.

The question is not therefore as to how I understand but it could be to do with how much do I understand.

Or of course you could just accept I do or reject that I do.

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