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Re: Feeling

Hello Graham

We can avoid misunderstanding "based on words" if we use plain English. Waxing philosophical about the definitions of "understanding" and "knowing" and yet ending up back where you started, saying you know anyway is not helpful:

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
How can I know a person feels different to normal on touch is because it's regularly stated to me personally in my Aikido.
(I'm presuming this is a statement and that you meant "How I can…" not "How can I…")

This time I'll avoid words like ‘knowledge' and ‘understanding': How did you get the "information" that this different feeling on touch is regularly stated in your aikido? I am referring to the specific IHTBF feeling that has featured in many of the discussions here recently (which you have been involved in). If you are only talking about how your own students, your own teachers and the people you have actually trained with feel different from normal then please say so. If not, (if you are referring to what others whom you have not met have described elsewhere on this forum) then how can you say you think it is obvious what this feeling is? You vaguely appear to have repeated back to me that training with these others is needed in order to do so…

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Well I can't know unless I have been with that person.
…but then you go back to your original claim saying you can know it because it's regularly stated in your aikido.

Aren't you just saying here that you can know you have this specific feeling on touch in your aikido simply because it is regularly stated in your aikido? That isn't an answer.

I "get" that you want to hear experiences about how people feel different. No problem there. Ellis Amdur is also asking for this kind of account in his future columns. What I don't get is your apparent claim regarding the specific IHTBF feeling being in your aikido. Could you clarify your position on this issue please?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
By the way, with Endo Sensei what did it feel like to you personally?
You might find it interesting, but let's have your reply to this first.

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