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Re: Reality? Embarrassment for Aikido

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
we are talking about playing with judo folks in a friendly setting to see what each others can do, right? if this is a real life short of thing, i'd go with the marine approach: bomb you from the distance, shell you, riffle, then pistol and grenade, then knives, then teeth, then your mother-in-law or maybe drop your mother-in-law on you first, then bomb, then .... well you got me?
I guess I get lost in the many and often conflicting Aikido practices.

(1) while I carry weapons and act with compassion, i choose compassion. Bombs are legally indiscriminate and mindless.
(2) Often aikidoka train with bokken, tanto and katana and weapon against weapon in kata. to what end?
(3) The side of my knife is some of the best aiki-no-jitsu I have experienced. No cuts at all on uke.
(4) are we doing a sport Aikido vice Judo as an end in itself learning how one sport can dominate other styles with rules they benefit by? Or are we silently assuming these two in a street confrontation is equal to what happens in sport rules.

For me, way too much conflicting data. I carry judo/jujitsu Aikijujitsu and many forms of pugilism and weapons work in my quiver. They all have aiki influence now. But I change tactics and stes when strategy demands it.

I am in worst shape than our aikidoka in the video. Under similar scenario that judo san Dan would likely do me harm without my knife to assist me.
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