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Re: Reality? Embarrassment for Aikido

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Ok, time to set the record straight. I'm the aikidoka in the video. As most of you have figured out it was NOT a real competition. I agreed NOT to do any joint locks or distracting atemi and see if Mark could unbalance me. So, yes I was playing Judo as an experiment. Additionally, he's a san dan with a lot of competitions under his belt. I didn't even know it was on video until it turned up here, it was nothing more than a friendly "lets see what happens". There is no valid comparison since, as you can plainly see he is not attacking as any aikidoka needs an uke to do in order to perform technique. Also, the Ma ai is no good for me either as most of you have noticed, we could have knocked each others teeth out with no technique at all. I'd never let anyone that close on the street or in an uncontrolled environment.I freely admit to never being able to take advantage of him given the agreed upon parameters but, again I'm not a judoka. I had put on a seminar at his dojo because, they were interested to see the similarities and differences in the respective arts. Some of you get it, some don't and some should think before they speak or put anything in print and show their foolishness and inexperience.
Thanks for that. Some see what they want. Others can see deeper. None can tell what goes on inside the others head.

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