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Re: Training Internal Strength

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
mike sigman also has a workshop in europe if you can get to

or looking up this teacher, wang hai jun, if you can get to some of his workshops. if you get to his workshops, ask for two things: standing exercise and silk reeling.

i believed akuzawa of aunkai also give workshops in europe.

one thing, maybe two, about internal training. you need to acquire a certain attitude of persistent and perseverance. the statement "I just started training aikido four months ago, so I don't qualify at all" is a non-persistent statement. you ping dan and ask "can i come? can i come, please? pretty please? i'll buy you beers, dinner and whatever, if you let me come" and so on and so forth. be a persistent SOB. that sort of attitude is needed for doing solo exercises.
Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Usually, yes, but not always. If you're interested, email and ask. Better to be sure than to miss an opportunity.
Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hello Sir
Yes, I have been reserving my efforts for teachers and advanced students. I have done two seminars for students, and I am now doing a couple of others. I reserve most of my efforts for teachers in response to feedback from students here that they could not get practice time in their dojos. Teachers are the ones that can assign time in classes, since they control things, so I got them involved.
Simple Idea really. 17 of the 19 seminars I have done were a commitment I made to support those original teachers.

I would also encourage you to look up Mike or Ark.I am continually told that most of the ICMA teachers are not going to teach you the goods for a very long time. Word to the wise.
Thanks for the helpful advice, but I think it would not be appropriate for me to attend a seminar for teachers just yet (even if I were somehow allowed to participate), because I know so little about it that I don't even know whether it is something for me.

That's why I started the topic: I am looking for some informal introduction into the subject. To get a clearer picture of what it is about.

At this stage, travelling abroad to participate in seminars seem like an overkill to satisfy my curiosity.

Do I understand correctly that good internal strength teachers are so rare that seminars are about the only option for learning what it is?

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