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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" Book Discussion

Honestly, I'm glad I studied with exactly the teachers I did - I learned exactly what I needed at the time. People find, in my experience, the teacher they are looking for. Furthermore, even if things were in front of me, I didn't have the capacity to see them. And there is a lot more to martial arts than IT - for example, focused will is another type of skill, applied in martial arts. Understanding of ma-ai, combative psychology, weapons handling, courage in the face of a weapon - of COURSE, IT can be intertwined with this - but I didn't see it, and no one presented it to me. I'm actually aware, now, of several old schools which have retained the IT training as part of their combative system - and no, I will not publicly state the names, because it was another case of me being told because I wouldn't state it publicly.
Anyway, the proof of my lack of capacity to see is that I studied, briefly with Wang Shu Chin. He of the famous devastating belly bump. (He'd hug you and nearly knock you out and you knew he had lots of power in reserve). He was spoken of with awe (he allegedly shook the torii at Meiji shrine). So he had us doing stirring motions shifting our weight from one foot to another, while repetitively doing simple movements with the arms. It was made clear to us that this was the route to his power. We were told he did it 6 hours a day when young. My response was that was a long time and I really couldn't believe it. So I quit. I wish . . .
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