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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" Book Discussion

If I might make a suggestion: I don't know if people will be inclined to post more in discussing the book, but this thread could get pretty unwieldy. Aside from various questions, there is all the badinage and side-comments.
My suggestion is - let's say one wants to start a discussion on info in Chapter 3, on Aiki and Weapons, or Chapter 2 on Takeda, or Chapter 1 on jujutsu and Chinese martial training, etc.
How about a new thread in this "Supplies" section - titled, for example, "Hidden in Plain Sight" Book Discussion - Chapter 2, or "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Daito-ryu origins, etc.
Perhaps some might regard it as hubris, but there's a lot of fascinating material to discuss, and I don't want it to just get dropped, due to any one of a number of negative factors that get packed into one long thread.
Ellis Amdur

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