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Re: Effectiveness -- From a Different Perspective - XX motivations

1. How would this encounter have differed in outcome, if you were the one attacked?

2. Do you feel your training has prepared you for this encounter?

3. What, if anything, would you change to better prepare you for this sort of thing?

4. Do you care about this sort of encounter
1. I would punched him back and defended myself and stopped him from attacking again.
2. For the most part yes.
3. More sparring and Aikido movement drills.
4. And here we go with the quasipsychological crap. It doesn't matter if you "care" about it. The point is if it ever happens what are you going to do about it. This attack is probably the most real and common type that could happen anywhere and it's still pretty mild compared to others that can be found on the net. Also it doesn't take a lifetime to teach somebody to at least cover themselves up and try to escape for instance. The point here would be whether or not you think it's necessary to actually teach somebody to protect themselves or try to protect themselves for that matter.
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