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Re: Effectiveness -- From a Different Perspective - XX motivations

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Corkey, too much to unpack right this moment. but in short.

"aikido is aikido no matter the gender of the aikidoka" I have some heartburn with this. Aikido is not aikido from practitioner to practitioner let alone across the sexes and differeinf body types. In my experience women do it differently than men, and to be clear I am not saying better or worse just different.
Aikido is principle and is the same no matter what the gender, size, body type, the same way swimming as an activity is the same in principle no matter who is doing it. The differences come in the forms and shapes that may be preferential to individuals, but the essence must be the essence or the thing is not the thing.

Had the woman who attacked the belligerent man been a man instead, the outcome would have been the same if the belligerent man not held the distinction. Aikido would have been aikido had the person engaging the belligerent man embodied aikido principles regardless of gender or other variables, although the path of the trajectory to the ground could be any in a number of paths. Osensei said repeatedly that aikido was not determined by external physical characteristics. This by nature includes gender.
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