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Re: Effectiveness -- From a Different Perspective - XX motivations

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1. How would this encounter have differed in outcome, if you were the one attacked?
Nobody can say that.
Many people say what they would do, if you do this I would do that, and such things.
In reality everything is different from theory.
Of course everybody who studied some martial art could say something about ducking and fighting back, or doing taisabaki and kotegeashi.
Nobody knows the story what happened before.
For some people its enough how you look at them, or you exceed the distance in which they feel attacked, and they get violent.
To have a feeling for the people is sometimes much more important.
To engage in disputes and lose control is a good way to get into a fight.
If one searches for fights ore disputes, one should know what can happen and how to deal with it.
I don't mean we should keep away from everything or close our eyes, but we should know what we can do and where our limits are.
Being beside oneself is not a good condition to deal with sudden attacks.
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