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Re: Effectiveness -- From a Different Perspective - XX motivations

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I posted this elsewhere, and got a profoundly dismal response, 3 women one of them privately. Also, to be clear, what the blonde in the video does is not the point, rather if you were standing in her place during the attack is the question. Her actions, from the perspective of this question, are irrelevant.

-- original post

The effectiveness question is constantly raised here and elsewhere. It almost always is phrased in terms of ring fighting and what constitutes combat. While some women aikidoka chime in (you know who you are), on the effectiveness question, is really a sausage fest for the most part. The following is for our sisters in the art.

I believe (and am more than willing to be corrected on this as I lack a second X in my genome) that most female practitioners are concerned more about this sort of thing, than Lenny Sly talking them into a trance and shooting the leg. This attack occurred in San Diego couple of weeks ago.

1. How would this encounter have differed in outcome, if you were the one attacked?

2. Do you feel your training has prepared you for this encounter?

3. What, if anything, would you change to better prepare you for this sort of thing?

4. Do you care about this sort of encounter

A successful outcome does not require a lock and/or throw; not that there is anything wrong with that ;-). Hopefully just a better outcome, you get to define what that means. Guys (and by that, I mean the aikiweb 1%) let's not cloud the issue immediately. I know it is impossible not to render an opinion in this case (I know I will) but let's hear what that part of the tent thinks. It is a region of the effectiveness argument that could use further exploration.
1. - I would be covering up and recovering my balance, regain the initiative first and prepare to engage -

2. - yes, but my view of Aikido is different from many aikidokas so make of that what you will -

3. - Have to learn to take a punch, have to learn how to deal with getting hit, and train one's reflexes to roll with punches or blows -

4. Damn straight. Aikido is a martial art, it is meant to kill. If you can't do that, what's the point of learning Aikido?

Most importantly, Aikido is not a grappling art, it is a striking/weapon art - work from that point of view and see if your ideas about Aikido change and your instincts towards the situation become any different.
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