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Re: Effectiveness -- From a Different Perspective - XX motivations

Aikiweb said its been a while since I posted...

Domestic incidents are one of the most dangerous situations to which police respond. This is not a time for "Aikido". There are people who have the experience and skills to manage a situation like the confrontation shown in this video and also train in aikido. For most of us, inserting yourself into something like this escalates the situation and puts yourself in danger, also. I have many police friends who have been injured responding to this type of call.

I have some frustration here because we spend a lot of time hypothesizing about real-life scenarios. Think you can slip a punch? Visit a boxing gym and put on some gloves and go a few rounds. Maybe you can, maybe you can't; get the experience to make an informed decision. Think you can keep your cool when some intimidating person is yelling at you and making every intimation of violence you can think of? Maybe, maybe not.

Mostly, I take issue with the claim that aikido prepares people to step in and save the day. "Welcome to aikido, here's your gi and a red cape for those occasions when a PCP rage-monster maliciously attacks someone." Or, "'What qualifies you to talk to this dangerous person?' 'Well, I play fight 2 times a week and sometimes Saturday mornings.'" I am being overly dramatic because I want the humor to mask just how close to the truth we are.

Be a good samaritan. Inform the couple of your discomfort and call the police if necessary. If you are trained to deal with this type of situation in your profession, be safe and apply your skills. For the record, you also cannot tell if the man was carrying any weapons; only that he did not employ one.

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