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Re: Are you interrupting attacks?

What a nightmare trying to get this technique. A very humbling experience. I like to think about it in terms of bio-mechanics if that helps. So, early to disrupt the attack before the windup, higher on the arm, closer to the shoulder or lower if the attack ha some momentum. If you think about where the energy is going and about how much center Uke has, you may be able to redirect that energy upward or downward. [This is hard to describe in words right?] So if you can make contact with their arm and that point of contact is close to your center and far from their centre, then the energy of their attack stops and their arm moves their body instead. I like to think of it in terms of a lever...

In the same way a shomenuchi ikkyo movement is performed by getting under the attackers arm, you have a significant advantage when your arm (blocking) is close to your body as opposed to uke whose arm is extended. In theory his extended arm energy causes him to rotate around your axis or point of contact. Sticky hands is a good demostration of this.

Perhaps a simple way to think about approaching the hand is not to attack directly linear with irimi but to move adjacent and in. Sort of like a 90 degree angle to the attack.

Does this help me, NO. Still blindly trying to get my body to cooperate. Also, very difficult with a proper karate yokomen strike...Thanks for the thoughts on this one. 10/10 difficulty

PS. I not even sure if reading what I wrote makes sense. PPS. Make sure you do it with weapons, if you end up with a karate block, it is a nightmare!

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