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Argh! Grading tonight!

Hello all.

This is just an expulsion of nervous energy, so forgive me.
I am grading to 3rd kyu tonight. This will be my 4th grading since starting at my club, you would think I'd be getting my nerves under control but, no.
The last week has been a roller-coaster ride from composed to freaking out. I'm quietly confident but even as early as it is in the day (my grading is after work), I'm already starting to amp.
My whole body is abuzz with nervous energy. At this stage I'll have burnt out by tonight.
Can some of you suggest what you do to compose yourself before a grading.
I know my nerves will settle after about 15 minutes into the test, but that usually means my first 15 minutes of technique is utter rubbish.

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