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Re: Religion and Aikido

Tom, Thanks for your thoughts.

I think there is a distinction that can be made between religion, spirituality, and ritual.

Capitalism can be argued to be a form of religion as you believe in it, practice it,and it does have a dogma. Many would argue that it to is an opiate that distracts us from happiness.

You can go into many, many examples.

Point is, what one person labels as religion the other says "no" it is not. We'd be here all day.

What I think is important is the underlying dogma or manifesto that restricts, or does not restrict your practices.

Aikido philosophy does not exclude or require you to profess any particular believe or renounce any. Therefore it can be applied universally.

If it is accepted or not, it up to the individual. Each person must make his/her own religious or spiritual choice as to if aikido detracts, or adds to their practices.

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