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Re: Breakfalls can be a problem!

Stelios Papados wrote:
One of the hardest parts in my third year Aikido training (though not always ) is taking breakfalls.
In response to a well oriented cote-gaeshi one or two of my classmates will take a breakfall without even thinking and it looks pretty natural too! When it commes to my turn , most of the times I consider it to be an ardous task. Sometimes I will take an excellent breakfall, other times I will land flat on my back (hurts a lot) while some other times I will clamp my genitals as my legs fall on the last step of the fall.
My teachers (my previous and current one) always say head down first and the legs will follow. I know that this is absolutely true but apart from that any other suggestions?
thank you in advance
Hello. As i've stated in other threads breakfalls have come very natural to me because I learned them almost immediately when i began training, and since i was only 8 when i started, its kind of hard for me to imagine someone having trouble.

But i think when you break it down, the main thing is not to think about it too much. Just do it. Take a deep breath... remind yourself of the correct way to do it.... do it.

Sometimes whenever i do my rolls and stuff slowly they end up all screwed up because in my head im saying "ok, lean over this hand goes that way , this hand goes this way, my butt goes over my shoulder... blah blah blah" And i get so concentrated on what im saying that i end up hitting my head on the mat or going flat on my back like you just said. But when i do it fast without thinking at all , then its almost perfect. So, personally i think that the key to doing it well is to just do it.

And of course just keep the fundamentals in mind (dont cross your legs upon landing, go over your shoulder not your head , etc) but dont dwell on it right before you do it. At least thats what screws me up.

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